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The leaderlab is the only community in the world that exists exclusively to bring SUPER help and value to all Super User Leaders and those building Super User groups. In the exclusive and SUPER awesome lab, you will have support and resources based on methodology and framework to move from building your Super User community “by default” to building it “by design”.


Connect with other Super User Leaders inside our community from all walks of the Super User Leader journey! Problem solve, collaborate, and form relationships with others who are facing similar problems and struggles, and those who have been there and have insights to share.


Learn how to build and lead a team, put important strategies and processes in place, and much more through fresh monthly content and live coaching sessions with Ginger. You'll also learn from other members on their Super User Leader journeys.


Learn how you as a Super User Leader can have a big influence on your company and your SUN. If you've ever wondered how to use your voice and your role to make a BIG impact, we will show you how!


Contribute your own knowledge, skills, and solutions within the leaderlab community. Post with questions or concerns when you have a problem or need help, and see how others contribute to you! We are #bettertogether!

Before we go into the details, let's talk about who this is for...

You’re a hard working, passionate leader who leads through coaching and influencing. You love to create team success, collaborate, and build relationships. You’re looking for knowledge, resources, connections, training, and a place to call “home” where you can virtually be with like-minded individuals with similar problems, goals, and structures.

Whether you're...

Super User Leader

an official Super User Leader

who is trying to figure this role out, looking for guidance, advice, or resources for building/sustaining their Super User Network (SUN) and coming up empty…

Super User Leader

an aspiring Super User Leader

who would eventually love to step into this role with plenty of confidence, knowledge, and experience to tackle any SUN head-on and build or transform it into something SUPER amazing…

Super User Leader

someone who has been tasked with building or revitalizing a SUN

who isn’t officially a Super User Leader and is having a hard time finding resources, connections, knowledge, or mentorship…

You’re in the right place! We are going to walk with you along this journey of creating the absolute best, MOST sustainable, MOST impactful Super User Network. You’ll learn the proven, award-winning model and methodology for building your SUN, as well as where you currently are in your journey, how to implement knowledge and training for your current progress level, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert Super User Leader, this is the perfect community for you.

Super User Leader Training

What is the leaderlab?

This is an engaged community dedicated to Super User Leaders… a community unlike any other!

It is an ongoing, month after month educational and networking resource for Super User Leaders, or anyone who is tasked with putting together a Super User Program/Team.

As a leaderlab member, you will:

  • Learn about the different stages of the Super User Leader journey and where you are in that journey.
  • Learn how to build a STRONG and SUSTAINABLE Super User Network (SUN).
  • Get guidance and answers directly from Ginger Luttrell, the world’s leading Super User Network expert.
  • Gain access to our membership community to connect with other Super User Leaders from different locations, companies, and experience levels.
  • Gain access to our content library that will be updated monthly.
  • And much more….
Super User Leaders

Super User Leader SuccessPath

What’s a SuccessPath?

It serves as a measuring stick of sorts to help our members find out what stage they’re in and make progress from there. This is powerful stuff!

Whether you are a new Super User Leader looking for help building a SUN for the very first time, a pro whose built many SUNs, or anywhere in between; you will fit into this SuccessPath and learn how to make BIG progress!

Once you join our community, you will see the full SuccessPath and we will guide you through identifying what stage you’re in, what action items you need to focus on to grow to the next stage, and what important milestones make up the different stages. 

Ready to join us in the leaderlab?

Want to know what our current leaders are experiencing?

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Monthly Content

Grow your knowledge and build your skills through different topics and content. Fresh content added monthly.

online training beaker bob

Online Training

Learn from Ginger through monthly recorded training videos and coachings. Suggest/request specific content!

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Live, Personal Coaching

Get your questions answered directly by Ginger every month through live group and 1:1 coaching calls.

Super User Leader Training

Networking Community

Connect with other members & grow your network through monthly networking events!

So, what's it like in the lab???

The leaderlab brings collaboration to a whole new level! One of the greatest assets of being part of a community passionate about Super Users is the fact that we can all learn from each other and benefit from our network interactions. With the new leaderlab the opportunities for co-creation, getting questions solved or even just doing group therapy on our SUN Challenges, are just a CLICK away.
- Diego
Looking for ways to connect with other Super User leaders to learn from their experience? Join SUNsource’s leaderlab to engage a network of experts in Super User programs. Pose your questions and find answers to address all aspects of your journey to build and sustain a vital Super User network in your business.

In my opinion the leaderlab provides the platform to connect experts and answers with those seeking information, through structured content and interactive forums. It’s exciting to see this become the means to increase engagement with other leaders in our space.
- Lisa
The leaderlab is a unique platform providing guidance to all Super User Leaders that just isn’t available anywhere else. Whether you are a seasoned Super User Leader or if you are just starting your Super User journey the leaderlab has you covered. leaderlab is a welcoming site with the right amount of information. It was nice to know I was not alone and had a network of leaders that I could learn from; their shared experiences is an immeasurable resource.
- Rachel
The leaderlab is a unique one-stop shop for Super User experiences and resources. Regardless of where you are on your Super User journey, from just getting started to maintaining a mature organization, the leaderlab is a treasure trove of wisdom gleaned from over 20 years of Super User experiences. The chat rooms are lively discussions between super user leaders from many different industries and Super User network implementations. Then insights that can be gained from these discussions can be a difference maker in the launch or maintenance of your Super User network.

The information is very logically laid out, allowing you to immediately zero in on the information that will be most useful. Overall, the leaderlab is a must have resource for anyone that is starting or currently leading a Super User network.
- Todd

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Who else will you see in the lab?

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Who is Ginger Luttrell?

So glad you asked!

I am a Super User Network (SUN) expert with  more than 2 decades of experience working with Super Users, Super User Leaders, and Super User Teams, Programs, and Networks! I’m also an author, public speaker, and change management expert. 

I’ve built an award-winning Super User Network (SUN) model and walked with many companies through their journey of laying their foundation, creating their framework, building, and improving their SUNs. 

Through my experience working with SUNs, I realized that there was a need – Super Users and Super User Leaders were often under-served and lacked the resources and training they needed to thrive in their roles! I’d seen it time and time again, and decided to do something to change that.

Fast forward to the birth of the leaderlab! I am so thrilled and honored to be able to provide the resources and platform for Super User Leaders, or anyone building a SUN, to be able to network with others and learn more about how to make their SUN the best it can possibly be. 

See you in the lab!

Ready to join us in the leaderlab?